>Chocolate and the Chesterfield Tea

Last weekend, to celebrate a close relative’s birthday, we visited the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel in London for afternoon tea.  I don’t know if you have ever been (if not YOU MUST, it's delicious), but they do the most incredible Charlie and the Chesterfield Tea, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and complete with Wonka bars and an Oompa Loompa menu.  We all loved the creativity, colour and service that made this afternoon tea extra special.

The original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory featuring Gene Wilder - in my opinion the better version - is full of glorious songs, including The Candy Man.  This song fills you with vivid images of glorious sweets and chocolates, as well as making you smile.  As we were devouring our cakes and treats at the hotel the song jumped into my mind, and I found myself seeing some similarities with our service at Sacha Scott.

“Who can take a sunrise

Sprinkle it with dew
Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two”

In property industry terms, Sacha Scott are classed as a hybrid.  I’m not a fan of this word, as it makes us sound like an eco car.  In reality it means we have no high street office, but we do focus on personal service, whereas an online agent tends to offer a more DIY approach.

No property sale, purchase, let or rental is the same; each has its own sweet and sour moments.  We take your needs, dreams and concerns and find that perfect solution, whilst taking on the stress and hassle so you can just concentrate on the move.  If I could name one thing I love about being a hybrid estate agent, it is that we can be completely hands on.  Scott and I eat, sleep and live every transaction as though it were our own.

The main advantage of our business structure is the freedom we have to move.  We can do business on the go, visit our clients so they don’t have to visit us, and be there whenever they need us.  As all our clients have our mobile numbers, they don’t need to panic about missing a call about an offer, as we don’t have business opening hours, we are available 24/7 and they text, call and email whenever they need to.

Moving home is daunting and overwhelming; there is terminology you don’t understand, processes that are confusing, and you have solicitors, mortgage lenders, and other people in the chain wanting and needing your attention.  It can feel lonely, it can feel scary, and all you want is to simply move into your new home

“Who can take a rainbow

Wrap it in a sigh
Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie”

No matter if you are selling, buying, letting or renting, you are not alone. We may not be able to make ‘the world taste good’, but we want you to know we will fight your corner.  We pick up the pieces, any challenges that come your way are ours to manage, and no matter what is required to save a chain, we will do it.  Whether it’s driving a document from one solicitor to another as it has missed the post, to solving issues highlighted in the scariest of surveys, we've got it covered.

Sacha Scott were brilliant! We have just moved into our new house, which they found for us ... And we love it! Unlike other estate agents they gave us the personal touch, and seemed to know and understand exactly what we wanted. We would recommend them if you want an estate agent who holds your hand and helps you along the stressful route of moving home.” Anne and Julian, Banstead

Sometimes a home may need a little TLC before it’s put on the market to achieve the highest price possible.  Normally, you would have to undertake the work yourself, or try and find a tradesman you can trust, but thanks to Scott’s skills we offer this service to our clients, making the whole process smooth and stress-free.

Take, for example, Karen Parry – “Sacha and Scott helped us prepare our flat for the market (with Scott also doing some last-minute DIY for us), and Sacha kept in constant contact, updating us throughout the process. This team made the potentially stressful sale of our beloved flat a breeze (it sold on the second viewing), and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone selling their property!”

There are high street estate agents, online agents, and other hybrid agents, but if you’re looking for an estate agent like no other, then you’re looking for Sacha Scott.  We bring together the best elements from the high street, the flexibility of the online, and the focus of a hybrid, and add to this our own style, passion, care, and knowledge to provide a unique service that sees you start with us as clients and leave as friends.

Who can take tomorrow

Dip it in a dream

Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream”

 Sacha Scott can, that’s who.

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