Sacha Scott Estate & Letting Agents

When we set up our estate and letting agents in 2013 we wanted to achieve three things:

1. To always deliver on our promises.

2. To build a fantastic reputation.

3. To achieve word of mouth referrals (because, let's face it - it means we are delivering on points one and two).

By delivering on our promises we achieved a fantastic reputation.  With a fantastic reputation came word of mouth referrals.  Before we knew it, we were moving seamlessly from one transaction to another, picking up clients from grateful previous clients that wanted to help us grow.  Those three simple sentences were our vision and yet their simplicity and honesty are what got us here in front of you today, ready to serve you in whatever capacity is needed.

We get up every day hellbent on giving only a stellar service to every person that we interact with, be they sellers, renters, landlords or buyers.  We bend over backwards to be everywhere we need to be at all times helping our clients by covering all viewings but also standing in for survey visits and other checks, so they don't have to. In short, we are an all-rounder in the world of agency and we have become known for a thorough and comprehensive service as a result.

We base ourselves in the lovely village of Nork in Banstead and whilst much of our business is centred around that area as a result we are in fact a non-territory agent specialising in service rather than focusing on any single area.  Our sales and lettings have therefore gone as far as Brixton to Bletchingley and so if we can get to your property within 45 minutes we will happily serve you and your property needs.

When you work with us you will find there really is no job too small and we always go that extra mile to get you the most out of your transaction.  We like to finish our day with a big smile safe in the knowledge that we only gave 150% to our clients because getting satisfaction out of our job is as important to us as getting what you pay for is for you.  There will be no ducking and diving, no excuses and no grey areas when you work with us: we excel at going above and beyond our remit to ensure that our clients never doubt our intentions or our commitment to them.

We love what we do and it really shows - hop on over to our testimonials page to see just some of our feedback.

Sacha Scott Estate & Letting Agents