World Earth Day is on Saturday, 22nd April.

And we're encouraging the good people of Epsom and Banstead to do something small to make a big difference to our planet.

Here are some entertaining and easy-to-implement ideas:

Shop local, be a hero

Sure, supermarkets are handy, but imagine the joy of exploring farmers' markets and discovering gems in our neighbourhood. In addition, you'll be slashing air miles, keeping fit, and avoiding those nasty mega-greenhouses (no offence, Spain). Planet Friendly Tip: A quick Google search of 'Farmers' markets near me' will show what's happening locally.

Big (and Bulky) Is Beautiful

Why buy small when you can go big? Buying in bulk cuts plastic waste and lets you reuse containers, especially for cleaning products and food. So not only will you be giving Mother Earth a high five, but you'll also save money. Planet Friendly Tip: Buy loo rolls in bulk from hotel suppliers or choose paper-wrapped toilet paper.

Garden party, anyone?

Bring out the green thumb and transform your garden with native plants or short grasses. Better yet, grow some veggies for a fresher, tastier treat. Embrace your inner eco-warrior by making compost from kitchen waste or getting a worm composter. Planet Friendly Tip: Remember to collect rainwater for a free watering session.

Start them early

Let's teach the future generation how to be eco-superheroes. Encourage refillable pens, bulk-bought paperclips, and staple-free staplers. Join your local library for endless book and magazine adventures. Inspire kids to draw or cut near paper edges for more reuse opportunities. And always recycle after both sides are filled. Planet Friendly Tip: For extra fun, create a bug hotel in the garden to attract pollinators and learn about our incredible planet's connections.

Together, we can make every day feel like Earth Day.

Let's all do our bit to protect this beautiful planet we call home.

We'd love to know what you'll be doing to support World Earth Day.

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