With the surprise announcement from the UK government to open up England's property market having us scramble to be ready this last week, we thought we would give you the heads up on how you can be best ready to sell now that you are allowed to.  We are receiving more and more enquiries from people wanting to buy and those thinking about selling and the interest will ony continue to rise.

By following these steps, you have the best chance of selling your property quickly, and for a price, you're delighted with.

Four Steps to Prepare – Help Us

  1. Many of you have probably done this one already if you've had time on your hands. Declutter.
  2. Get any property related paperwork like warranties, guarantees and manuals all in one easy to access place. Organise.
  3. There's never been a better time to do those odd jobs around the home which need doing. Fix the squeaky door, clean the fascia, paint the spare room. Maintain.
  4. It's spring clean time (ish) and having a fresh-smelling, clean home is good for your mental and physical health – whether you are selling or not. Clean.

And while we're on the subject of being clean.

Here are four things we are introducing:

Virtual Viewings – We're already doing them, and they will continue to be very popular with prospective buyers in the future. Contact us for more details.

Going Contactless – We'll be advising sellers to leave doors, cupboards, and gates open where possible to reduce any risk during physical viewings.

Protecting Each Other – We will carry hand sanitiser and other forms of Personal Protective Equipment to every viewing.

Take a (very short) Vacation – We will be asking people to vacate their properties if there is a viewing. This could be to sit in their cars or go into the garden. We feel the use of virtual valuations will mean that prospective buyers having a physical viewing are seriously thinking about buying the property they are looking at.

We're expecting the local property market to leap back into life now the pent-up demand to move is unleashed and we're ready for it.

But the most important thing for us at Sacha Scott is to ensure the safety of our team, our clients and our community across.

If you need any help planning your move, even if it's only a faraway thought at the moment, give us a call on 01737 887 674.

Stay safe x

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