>Viewing with Us During the Covid-19 Outbreak

During these troubled times we have had to change some of our processes to ensure that we are operating as safely as possible for us, our clients and the general public at all times.  This includes viewings.  The viewing process will now be as follows:

  1. Your initial viewing will be VIRTUAL

This will either be a pre-recorded video or a video call walkthrough with an agent.

  1. Your second viewing will be PHYSICAL

If you love the property and, provided you have answered further questions adequately (see from point 3 below), you will be offered a physical viewing.  Social distancing will be observed throughout the viewing with the agent maintaining at least 2 metres at all times.  This viewing will take no longer than 15 minutes and only two adults from the same household will be allowed to attend.  If you live in a separate household you will be asked to view separarely.  We are sorry but we cannot accommodate children currently.  You will be asked:

  1. to maintain social distancing of at least two metres with the agent and any other person in or around the property at all times
  2. to bring your own face covering.  It must cover your nose through to your chin
  3. to remove your shoes before entering the property as usual BUT you must not be barefoot after doing so, socks will be required
  4. to bring your own hand sanitiser.  You must hand sanitise after removing your shoes and before entering the property.  You should also hand sanitise on leaving the property
  5. to not touch anything whatsoever in the property.  All doors will be left open by our sellers, tenants and landlords, any cupboard doors unopened will remain so.

When you book a viewing with us you will be asked the following questions, some we have always asked, others have been added under new restrictions:

  1. Your full contact details

We will need your name, address, mobile number and email address.  We need all of these details to proceed and you will be asked to reply to an email to confirm the viewing and your responses to certain questions before the viewing can go ahead.

  1. If you have to sell a property before you can purchase a property. 

If you do, you will need to be under offer in a complete chain before we can go any further with arranging a viewing for you.  A complete chain means that your property and any properties being sold below you have buyers in place and can proceed to the legal process once you find a property to buy (if of course that property is not then in a chain, in most cases it likely will be).  We will need to speak to your estate agent in order to verify your position and so we will also need your estate agents name, email and telephone number (mobile if they are working remotely).

  1. If you have an agreement in principle from a lender

An agreement in principle is a document that tells us that you have been through the preliminary stages of a mortgage application with a lender and confirms the amount you are able to borrow.  That amount needs to be enough for you to purchase the property you wish to view plus any deposit you have or have access to.  If you do not have an agreement in principle we cannot proceed to a physical viewing with you until you do.

  1. If you are in good health; specifically:
  1. if you currently have a cough, temperature or any other Covid-19 symptoms
  2. if you have had a cough, temperature or any other Covid-19 symptoms in the last 21 days
  3. if you have been in contact with, or live with anyone that has had a cough, temperature, or any other Covid-19 symptoms in the last 21 days
  4. if you have been put into isolation in the last 21 days due to Covid-19 symptoms or someone you have been in contact with or live with has been
  5. if you have travelled from overseas in the last 21 days.

If you answer yes to any of these questions we are unable to view with you at this time but you can be booked in for a future appointment where you pass our 21 day guideline – as long as no other symptoms occur.

We are doing all we can to ensure that any contact we have with the outside world is absolutely necessary and as such we hope we can rely on your patience and understanding during these times.  Where we can help, we will continue to do so and there will always be situations that need a little more thought and a workaround and as long as this can be done safely we will try to do so but in the main, please help us to serve you and our clients in the safest way possible.

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there x

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