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Managing property is hard, even if you have been in the industry in one way or another for many years, like Scott and I.  We have seen the mistakes and the resulting effects on clients, and have a passion and drive to give our landlords everything they need to make managing their portfolio as easy and cost effective as possible.  Industry peers and leaders provide us with further insight, tools, and ideas, but the feedback from them on our service can often be negative.

“You are doing too much for your landlords”, and “How on earth do you make a profit?” are common remarks that we hear from friends, peers and competitors within the industry.  We can understand their confusion, on paper it shouldn’t really work but for us it does.  While many agents will charge extra fees for add-ons, we charge one fixed fee, and we don’t up-sell you services and products from other parties.  Where other letting agents may see us as weird, we think we provide a service that is limited edition.  We take on properties with the view that once under our contract they are quite simply, Ours.  If something goes wrong we react to the issue in the same way as we would our own home: with maximum efficiency, minimum disruption and least expense possible.

1.  Call outs

You get a call from your tenant, the boiler has broken. Although you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, you can’t help but think, “How much is this going to cost me?” It is not necessarily the work itself that you are worried about, but the call-out fees and backwards and forwards assessments that can see your costs rise.  You may even consider delaying smaller jobs in an attempt to not be charged further fees. You want to do the best for your tenant, but you also need the figures to work, else why be in this business?

At Sacha Scott all tenants and landlords have our mobile number, which means they can contact us direct any time of the day or night.  Tenants calling directly on our mobiles enables us to act quicker and thereby minimise damage, frustration and cost. Scott is on call all of the time, and you will not be charged for him assessing what is needed, either in person or by Facetime (which works very well at midnight!) this is just part of our service to you.

2.  The right tenants

The difference that can be made to a tenancy by just finding the right tenant is vast. From consistently paying their rent on time, to treating your property with love and respect, great tenants are worth their weight in gold.  We heavily vet all our tenants and we choose people that we genuinely like as it is in our interest as much as yours to find a tenant who is right for your property.

But finding the right tenant is only part of the story, as, if neglected, any star tenant can turn into the tenant from hell.  We work hard to ensure repairs are resolved as quickly as possible, that we listen to their needs and issues, and resolve or provide solutions for them.  Getting to know each tenant means we can be there for them in ways other letting agents may see as being above the call of duty.

We want you to have minimal voids and extended contracts, our interests do not lie in repeat fees for you.  Instead we focus on steady, long term income for you that also results in your tenants making your property their home and keeping your tenants happy enables us to meet these goals.  Treating tenants as VIP clients is very rare in this industry but it is exactly what we do and guess what?  It pays off.  Many of our tenants stay on in our landlords properties because they don’t want to go to another agent, such is their delight at the service we offer them.

 3.  Adding value

You may have taken on a property that needs a facelift, or perhaps one of your properties could do with a quick makeover before the next tenancy starts.  Normally you would have to find contractors, argue about expensive quotes, be on site to manage the project and find your time being split and pulled from one area of your busy life to another.  Working with us means there is no need to even think about whether you are being ripped off or if the works are being carried out to a high standard.  Scott, with his long history in property development and management will refurbish and renovate for you at cost, with no inflated fees whatsoever.  Not only does this add value to you in terms of £’s, you can also rest assure that the work will be completed to code by tradesmen who are used to working to his high standards and tight deadlines.

4.  Trust

But what happens if there is a repair that is beyond Scott’s talents? Yes, on the very rare occasion it can happen!  Our landlords know that Scott will do everything he can to help; he will call and advise you on what has been tried, and the reason why he needs to reach out to a trade with a particular expertise.  And when he does reach out he will insist on a full understanding of the works being carried out and is astute enough to know when and where savings can be made if possible – he will never hand over responsibility for your property to anyone else, even if it is out of his remit to do the works himself.  It is this determination to support our landlords and their properties that has built the strong level of trust that exists between us as the letting agent, and our landlords and tenants.

They trust us implicitly to do the right thing, at the right time, always.

Weird, or limited edition?

Whether you want to call our service weird or limited edition, it is not our opinion that matters, but that of our clients.

If you want to experience a limited edition service for your property portfolio, give us a call on 01737 887 674, we would be delighted to help.

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